Lately, Mal, Baby and Leader are all over the news, but these two are quite elusive. Glad to see our dear Kyu and Saengie out and about again! Hmm... so all 5 of them attended Seoul Fashion Week! These two also went together last October. I miss seeing all 5 of them! I wonder if Young Saeng already has a muscular body underneath those clothes. I mean, he DID say he was working out. I'm ready to be surprised on May 1. Kekeke.

Heo Young Saeng & Kim Kyu Jong attended the '2010 Spring Fashion Week' General Idea showcase held at the SETEC in Seoul on March 26. The time for the showcase was: 17:00 (KST)

Video Uploader: shirbogurl501@YouTube

Credit: + as tagged on pics


janelle said...

they're so close :)

baby is my favorite but when it comes to pairings, i'm kyusaeng all the way xD kekeke~

i'm super anticipating young saeng's body :D kekeke~

Anonymous said...

kyu jong looks so thin here.... anyway, they're so cute together,i'm glad that they still bond with each other!

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