Kara’s been stealing the spotlight with their big Lupin comeback, but we haven’t seen much of their DSP Entertainment fan members SS501 and Rainbow as of late. Fans have nothing to fear, because both groups’ comebacks are in the works, as the famous Korean-American producer Steven Lee recently revealed that he was working on Rainbow & SS501’s new albums!

Steven Lee is definitely a name to mark in your books – he’s a Hollywood-based songwriter-lyricist-publisher-producer (you get the point) powerhouse that’s closely worked with SM Entertainment (TVXQ’s Your Love is All I Need, Super Junior’s Love Disease, f(x)’s Step By Me), Pop-up Entertainment (Wheesung’s Over U, Alone & One Kiss) and Johnny’s Entertainment (KAT-TUN’s Aimaimi Mind, V6’s Justice). As for his works with DSPE, Lee played a hand in multiple SS501 albums, including the popular album REBIRTH.

On his official MySpace page, he posted the following in a blog entry:
I’m also working on DSP Entertainment/Essel Music Pub’s new girl group, ‘Rainbow’ album, and SS501’s new album of course! Japan No.1 boyband KAT-TUN also recorded a new song of mine (my 4th song they recorded and released officially), and many more!
As reported earlier, SS501 will be making their comeback with an album in a little over a month on May 1 (05-01-2010).

It seems like Rainbow’s comeback might just be around the corner as well, as Rainbow’s official site finally opened recently as well. Although the images on the site aren’t new, people are already excited for the girl group’s comeback. With all of the dark-themed concepts as of late, it’d be nice to have a girl group color up the kpop scene soon!

Source: allkpop

Wow, I recently checked out Wikipedia, and boy! I found out that Steven Lee has also co-produced and written lyrics for other SS501 songs, not just Love Like This! And he also served as vocal director for SS501 in their various shows and concerts! And there's more, according to his discography, he also produced the REBIRTH album. Whoah! I didn't know about this till now. Check this out. Kudos to Steven Lee! This guy is amazing, and he's just 27 years old!


Anonymous said...

hands down to him! ^^


Anonymous said...

Amazing talent !Perhaps that is what KHJ ought to do (he did plan to go to the US before)to go abroad and be exposed to trends and the know-how specially I read somewhere he is interested to go into production.It won't hurt to try-KHJ spread your wings and fly.Eventually ,I think he'll veer towards that direction .Go for it ,as the idol thing is not forever (he knows that as well )

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