Here's a summarized fan account of what happened in SS501 concert in Saitama. Thanks to Lois for doing this translated summary for us! Following the fan account are fancams and pictures from the concert.


I read fan(샤방지존찬양's account who went to our boys concert held in Japan today at Here is my summary of what she wrote.

- The concert was interesting and songs were very good. it took 2 hours.
- Our boys picked 5 fans to come up to the stage for some missions.
- All 5 fans were mommies.
- Our boys followed some missions with fans such as hugging fans, letting the fan sit on their knees & etc.
- There were some programs such as Image ranking, punch machine
- HJL & HJB did some role-playing.
- Hyun Joong was the strongest for punch machine.
- They showed the video which is taken on their way to fans. It was interesting.
- Jung Min was really funny.
- Hyun Joong had up-style hair today (in a ponytail).
- Young Saeng's vocal was so powerful.
- Kyu Jong ran around here and there.
- and our boys said their new album would be released within May but not 1st of May. They've got something to prepare more and asked fans to wait for it.

They are talking about album delay.
Hyung Joon is addicted to i-Pad in these days.
Jung Min announced some ranking chart among boys.
He trys to give Baby's i-Pad to Kyu Jong for prize. haha so cute!


Here are a few fancams of performances and interviews from the concert...

Video Uploader: WWloveHJL2@YouTube

"Again" Performance + Interviews

Video Uploader: linvadata@YouTube

Here are links to more performances:

Thanks to all the fancam uploaders. The concert in Saitama was a success, but what's this I hear about 501 Day being postponed? I don't want to say anything more about this, let's just wait until we hear a confirmation. But whatever happens, we will keep supporting SS501 and if the album is indeed delayed, we need to extend our patience more and know that it's for the best. So keep on praying and anticipating the comeback of our boys! Fighting!

Here are a few pictures from the concert... Leader is back to ponytails, and Young Saengie with his plunging neckline. Kekeke. Is that the same white attire they wore in Bangkok Press Conference?

Credit: daum blog/elley


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