It's finally out! Oh my GOD!!! Hyun Joong is sooooo PERFECT here! He's HOT, he's GORGEOUS, he's AMAZING. I don't think words are enough to describe how absolutely wonderful and beautiful he is. Aaaah! I gotta say, Gummy's MV is a HIT! I love the song, the beat, and of course the star in the MV! Leader is just so adorable, the smile, the wet look, everything! I love the concept of the MV too. If I had a roommate like him, I don't know what I'll do. Hahaha! I'm sure you all would replay this MV over and over again (like me) for weeks, so go on, feast your eyes people!

Video Uploader: AznSamManTV@YouTube

Let's read what the news have to say... I'm sure most of you are wondering what the plot is...


Singer Gummy's new album title hit track 'As a Man' Music Video was released on April 30 at 4pm.

This time in this music video, the director who received the Best MV Director Award at
2009 Mnet 'Asian Music Awards' with Seo Tae-ji's album, shot for this MV, and he is director Hong Won-Gi.

Through 'As a Man' teaser where anticipation has been built up on, SS501 Kim Hyun Joong
and actress Jung Ryeo-won's bonding was seen with their detailedly expressions portrayal.

The music video talks about love at its beginning stage and as time flows by quickly, and how women view from their point of perspective as men gradually grow indifferent, these feelings were expressed through its apt and finely lyrics; unexpectedly, the two people Kim Hyun Joong and Jung RyeoWon ended up falling in love with each other since living in the same house, such a love story was spinned in such a manner.

This music video also used the RedOne Camera that was shot for movie 'Country Representative' and drama 'Chuno', which heightened increasing realness for the video as could be seen.

Gummy's new mini album 'Loveless' full song has been released on 30th. Also, on this day,
in the afternoon, Gummy will have a fan showcase through SKT Live Session programme which would be broadcasted through Cyworld.

source: newsen kr + (Eng translation) ode@blog


Anonymous said...

how can someone be so cute & hot at the same time?
oh my gosh leader your making me get a heart attack XD haha

leonakim said...

how lucky that girl is... how i wish im the girl in mv..what is life it could be?....if i have leader in my life for real!!!!!....YOU COMPLETE ME!.....what a wonderful life is.. smile

Anonymous said...

I wish full recovery for those who just suffered massive cardiac arrest after watching the MV.They should have put a warning sign before the MV opens WATCHING THIS IS HAZARDOUS TO YOUR HEALTH- lol.

Haay ,KHj is truly Kilabot ng mga Fans !

Anonymous said...

Thank you for having a video here with English translation of the song

Anonymous said...

Great song and great MV !!!

Anonymous said...

Is love suffocating ? Can love be one way commitment ? In a relationship are there really differences between how a man and a woman fall in and fall out and fall in love again ? It this storyline of the MV could be turned into drama as many are now suggesting with the two of them as the leading actors -then the storyline can be fully developed with the issues and resolutions swirling around and between them. It will be a great contemporary love story of real people.

Anonymous said...

I so love this mv full of love and handsomeness of the leader. Can't wait to see a side of him like that on kdrama. BTW, The girl from the MV was part of the group chakkra, where Hwang bo hye came from.

Anonymous said...

cute song!!
cute artist!!

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