Dearest Jung Minnie,

Aaah... today is Black Saturday, so it's a solemn and blessed day. And today, you are celebrating your birthday! I don't have much to say except, it's been a real joy knowing you. Since I knew SS501, I've known you to be the fun bringer of the group, your personality is just like a bright ray of sunshine. Every time I see you, you bring a smile to my face. And seeing you in Bangkok up close, you're even more handsome than in pictures and TV! Even though Leader said you look old for your age, you're still handsome! And all Triple S agree on that! You have given us joy and laughter, and you have tirelessly waved and smiled at your fans everywhere you go. That gesture is very much appreciated Jung Minnie, it means a lot to us. Thank you so much.

Today, on your 24th birthday, I hope you'll be able to fulfill your heart's desires. I hope it will be a memorable birthday for you, no matter how and where you spend it. Family and friends will always be there to support and love you, you know that right? And we, your fans, will always stand by you through all your endeavors. Stay as wonderful and as adorkable and friendly and fun as you are. Forever SS501's Sexy Charisma and CEO Park. Thank you for making us a part of your life. Happy Birthday!!! We love you! Here's a little video I made as a tribute for your birthday...

Video by: phtriples@YouTube

생일축하합니다 !!! 사랑해 ♥ ♥ ♥

From your fan, Triple S


Anonymous said...

thanks alot ...and happy birthday to jung mini.. i wish you the best ...

Anonymous said...

awww that horse on the bottom is so cute. :3
happy birthday jung min <33
have another great year with ss501. x]
SS501 FTW.

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