[News] Lee Hyori, Kim Hyun Joong “Doesn’t have twitter” Beware of impersonation

Lee Hyori and SS501 leader Kim Hyun Joong’s twitter accounts has created a talking point among some netizens, however it turned out that the account is not managed by Lee Hyori nor Kim HyunJoong themselves.

If you search for Lee Hyori in the ‘people search’ in twitter, a twitter account which seems to be made by Lee Hyori’s management company will appear. However after verification, that twitter account is not made by Lee Hyori’s management company.

Lee Hyori’s management company Mnet media told Money Today Star News on 27-Apr afternoon “It is definitely not Lee Hyori’s twitter”, officially confirming it. And from another source, it was revealed “Lee Hyori doesn’t even use twitter, she doesn’t have any twitter account.”

It is also the same situation for SS501’s leader Kim HyunJoong. One twitter account used Kim HyunJoong’s name to manage the account and introduced himself as SS501’s leader. However, this is no doubt, not Kim HyunJoong.

Kim HyunJoong’s management company DSP Media representative said “Kim HyunJoong doesn’t have twitter. Therefore he doesn’t tweet at all.”

Meanwhile, Park KyungLim left a message in her own twitter account saying “Friends~ there has been a lot of impersonated accounts of entertainers in Twitter recently, I hope that you will not be deceived by them”

Park KyungLim cautioned on Taecyeon and Rain’s impersonated twitter accounts “After verification, both Ok Taecyeon and Jung JiHoon’s twitters are fake. Seems like the foreign fans of both of them will be hurt by this.”

Credits : star.mt.co.kr + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

Guys, be careful. Don't be deceived by these impersonators. Personally, I'm pissed at these fake people. Don't they have anything better to do? Why impersonate celebrities and fool thousands of fans? Always remember to verify and confirm first and use your common sense before believing these accounts. The only members who have authentic Twitter accounts in SS501 are Hyung Jun and Jung Min. The rest are bogus. As in FAKE. Don't be misled.

Someone created accounts for all SS501 members, and THESE ARE ALL FAKES!
UNFOLLOW/DO NOT follow these accounts:


But FEEL FREE to follow the AUTHENTIC Twitter accounts (SEE BELOW):


elikamargaretha said...

the last part of the twitter.. is it true?
or it just like the other one?

phtriples said...

FEEL FREE to follow the AUTHENTIC Twitter accounts (SEE BELOW):

* SS501 Kim Hyung Jun: http://twitter.com/HyungJun87
* SS501 Park Jung Min: http://twitter.com/royalavenue

* UKiss DongHo: http://twitter.com/dongho94
* UKiss Kevin: http://twitter.com/Kevinwoo91
* UKiss Alexander: http://twitter.com/alexander_0729
* UKiss Eli: http://twitter.com/U_kisseli
* UKiss KiBum: http://twitter.com/90KKB

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