Power of 'Flower boy' has risen in Spain too?

Group SS501's member Kim Hyun Joong has had received overwhelming welcomes at Spain's airport. Kim Hyun Joong, on the 7th, had arrived at Spain Barcelona's airport. On that day at its local airport, a huge number of fans had gathered there to welcome him.

Kim Hyun Joong had collated popularity not just through SS501 activities but also through drama 'Boys over Flowers' which gave his popularity an immense boost in Asia regions. This time at the airport, it was proved that his popularity had gone beyond Asia and has had reached Europe as well.

Prior to this, previously on the 1st which was April Fools' Day, he left a joke on the homepage writing, "Would be going to study abroad in Spain" which left fans in a shock and surprised. But in actual fact, he wasn't going for advances studies, he was going for a pictorial photoshoot.

Initially after his schedule was revealed to be heading for Madrid and not Barcelona, a significant amount of fans had already gathered at Madrid airport gate waiting for him.

There are now many videos of fans who had welcomed Kim Hyun Joong as he touched down in Spain on video sites like Youtube. The local fans there had exclaimed, "I saw my lover", "Breathing the same air in the same place as him", enthusiastic responses could be thus seen, such comments have been published continuously.

On the other hand, after staying for about a week in Spain for the pictorial shoot, he would return to Seoul, and then plunge into preparations for new album that's to be released on May 1.

Credits: nate/star + (Eng Translation) ode@ss501ode

Our dear Leader is very popular!!! Excited for his official photos from Spain. ^_^


Anonymous said...

They guy with the red tshirt behaved in a terrible manner with the fans who came to see in barcelona.

Anonymous said...

There were only 10 fans that welcomed him in Barcelona . While they were excited about seeing Hyun joong ,they also took note of the meanness of the body guard or handler .The fans also were disappointed that KHJ did not even acknowledge them although he got letters from them .DSP should have public relations specialist in their company and give briefing before they leave Korea .That should professionalize their relationship with the public -after all they should be protective of the image of the source of their bread and butter.

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