SS501 Kim Hyun Joong, "Carefully signing for each and every"

On the 4th afternoon, at Seoul Young Poong Book Store Tony Moly department store, SS501 Kim Hyun Joong's fansigning event was held.

Global cosmetic brand Tony Moly which is the main sponsor for this fansign has decided to hold a fansign in order to congratulate Tony Moly's opening at Young Poong Book Store.

Approximately 400 females gathered at the fansign event, Kim Hyun Joong carefully signed for each and every one of them, on this day, he also showed his clear appearance.

He signed carefully for each and every one of the fans, without showing any signs of tiredness on his beautiful face throughout the fansign.

Credits: hankyung news + bnt news + (words) ode

Video Uploader: leenongkan1@YouTube

Credits: Baidu + hyuniversal + as tagged on pics


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the photo. May I suggest as an idea for a KHJ video -him in a bullfighter's attire as a fitting send off gift when he makes his Spain trip . I have much faith you can do it judging from the equality of videos on KHJ already produced .KHJ physique really fits that of the young bullfighter.How about it ? Many thanks and looking forward to it !!!

phtriples said...

Hi there, I appreciate your suggestion, but I'm sorry to say, I don't think I can do a video of him in a bullfighter's attire. I only make videos out of existing pictures and videos, I don't know how to EDIT them, and make it look like he's a bullfighter. I'm not THAT good. Kekeke. Sorry! But thanks for the suggestion. ;)

Anonymous said...

looking good although one or two showed his tired eyes-must be the album making -you know how committed KHJ is on his release promise and his other commitments.How professional . Nice to know there are people serious in their professions in the entertainment industry

Anonymous said...

hahahh. hyun joong's hair in here reminded me of when he first debuted. :D

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