Jung Min returned to Seoul today from Taiwan. Here's a short video clip of him at Taiwan airport, signing for fans. Can you see the difference between Leader's entourage and his? I mean, Mal is practically mobbed by fans here, but no bodyguard is pushing anybody away. Mal is soooo sweet! He kept shushing the fans (in that endearing way of his) because they're so noisy. Hahaha. I wish it was the same for Hyun Joong when he arrived in Spain. I heard there were fans who got hurt there. If only they'd have given a little consideration to the fans, provided we should also respect the boys and not get rowdy. If only this can happen as smoothly as possible, everyone will be happy, right? ^_^ Gotta love Mal! He's taking fan service to a whole new level! :) Come to think of it, I was this close to him in Bangkok, but why didn't I touch him?! Tsk. Regret. I should have just touched his arm or something, that would have been enough. Hahaha!

Video Uploader: myjm43@YouTube


sarangyo said...

aawww...sooo cute and he's really so nice to the fans

risa said...

awww he's so nice :) the way he says "shhhhh" is waaaaaay cute!! love you mal! :)

sanny said...

yes, I love him so much :)

Anonymous said...

Well, we really do not know for sure , but I'm just guessing that maybe KHJ had not so pleasant experiences (similar to what happened when he was in Spain )that is why he has bodyguards specially when in places with language barrier .Or he is a most valuable artist of DSP .

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