Ahh, I didn't know our boys were leaving for Japan today! They will have their Exclusive Concert For Yahoo Hallyu Fan Card Members on April 25 at Saitama Super Arena. Japanese fans are soooo lucky! Here are pictures and fancams from the airport earlier this afternoon. I'm liking Saengie's short hair! Both Leader and him are sporting sideburns! And Jung Min's hair is shorter now! In the first picture, I mistook him for Leader with his back turned like that and his hair shorter. Baby & Kyu looking gorgeous as ever. As it turns out, Leader arrived late. Kekeke. Look at him rush through the airport. I hope Mal's not pissed with Leader being late again. LOL. Ahh, I miss SS501! Just 1 more week 'till 501 Day!

Video Uploader: shirbogurl501@YouTube

Credits: http://www.cyworld.com/kyu0224min0722 + 赫赫小在 @ Baidu

Credit: Pretty Boy

Credit: HSScandal.com

Credits: Miseong + Pentacle + Madeleine + as tagged

Credit: He Story

Credit: Pheromin


Anonymous said...

Leader has one pic at Liezle's -its just his back and you could see he is the only one with the longish hair .Ahh ,looking forward to his unique hairstyle again- definitely will stand out!

phtriples said...

Yeah, I've seen it. But I didn't post it here coz it's not clear and it's just the backside. Kekeke. I hope clearer pics will be out soon. Thanks! ^_^

Anonymous said...

awww.i'm in love with jungmin short haircut :)

Anonymous said...

Looking at Leader (at limited vantage view) he really looks gaunt and his jacket kinda loose-OMG, I hope he doesn't lose more weight(what weight is there to lose ? He is already skinny).I suppose all the travels and activities between the album preparation is taking its toll on Hyun Joongcito.

leonakim said...

i love you .... jung min! in the fancam when a girl fan is trying to give a gift or a letter to jung min then the bodyguard say no to the girl.... im so sorry for it..... but!!!!!!!!!! jung min smile at the girl fan and accepted the letter with a smile.....thats my idol! thank you so much jung min for being nice to your fans... keep in up... i will always here for you forever..........

Cynthia!! said...

ooohh!!all of them looked so rerfreshing!!and saengiie's hair!!*eyes sparkle* so handsome!!the pics are so wonderfully clear too!thanks for posting it kate!

Chelle said...

Wow im really Amazed with their hairstyles... Love jungmin he's just too friendly with fans...and baby joon also

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