This is a video I made as a tribute to the Min-Jun tandem...

Dubbed as Tom & Jerry, these two will squabble with each other every chance they get. When they're together, there will be exaggerated drama, fake punches, wrestling, and endless bickering that results in total chaos and fun. There's no dull moment with these two. Jung Min will always pick on Hyung Jun, and the youngest would always fight back. Fighting is just the way they show their love for each other, I guess. When they're not together, they would miss each other because according to them, bickering makes their day. Haha. These two are hilarious!

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Video by: phtriples@YouTube

If you can't view the YT video above, watch the video on VIMEO...


Anonymous said...

What was the show that park jung min screamed and hurt his neck ?

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