WHAT DO YOU LVE ABOUT SS501? - Now there's a million dollar question, huh? We all know we are hopelessly, passionately, head over heels, in love with these 5 men: Kim Hyun Joong, Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong, Park Jung Min, and Kim Hyung Jun. But if we're asked what is it about them that we really love, can we put them into words? Well, a lot of Triple S tweeters have some wonderful things to say, and I decided to pick those that are really nice and compile them and share them with you all. I hope they don't mind. Gotta spread SS501 love, right?! Let's read what other Triple S have to say about SS501...

phtriples: I love their MUSIC, PERSONALITIES, FRIENDSHIP, their SMILES & their BIG HEART. I love everything about them!

To me, KPOP = SS501! Their personalities match one another, & their songs create history(: & i love them simply cos they are SS!

arviena: my heart refused to let me knw exactly what i <3> bcoz they gv me reasons to smile,laugh,cry,to believe in friendship,love and dreams,again^^...

nocchieloveYS: I just love them! They're different than other idol in my eyes,their personalities just make me love them more and more^

KlyaksaAgatha: I love their sincerity, honesty, kindness towards people. They have beautiful hearts that lights up your own ^_^

mimineyuri: i love them because they have what we call the real brotherhood ^^

501sujushinee: for me.... I love everything about them. They are nice, funny, unique personalities everything!!!

hazelrich: i love them because i can see the real friendship and the real brother hood .. i like them because they are so kind.. ^^

jjitjoong: I love everything about them. They can sing, dance, rap. They are dorky, funny, cute, hot. EVERYTHING!

matatakoku: SS501 helped me survive.. thats all i can say bow

youngloveheo: aside from being humble i love ss501 coz they are real people on and off cam.They're not afraid to show their true selves.

janics89: I like SS501 coz of their characteristics. My sadness will go away when I see their pics. They treat fans sincerely. I love them! SS501 is so special that cannot explain thru words. 1000 twits are not enuf to explain y I love them. I'm proud to be a Triple S

fLoe_Leyson: i love the ss501 charisma, i can't resist! The talent they have.. It's worth to be their fan..

nisaho: Their amazing brotherly relationship is what attracts me most. :D And I love how dorky they are!! ^^

khalanita: because even been idols for as long as they have.. You look at them and see real people under all the glam.. I could go on and on... they are cute, dorkie, random, sweet, stylish, mysterious.

BruTripleS: their brotherhood, friendship, voice, and personality ^_^ can't really describe in words actually..Love them soo much

kaytee1626: i love their music and them being always funny. i actually love everything about them.

sugaresh17: I just love everything about them-The*bond*character*talent* They have this aura that makes them more interesting and lovable!^_^

These Triple S fans have spoken. What about you? What do you love about SS501?


Anonymous said...

there's no amount of word that i can describe,y i luv them so much........
i simply LOVE them!!!!!!!!!1

Anonymous said...

They are my life. Whenever I'm sad, I always rely on their music. I laughed with them, I cried with them. They are the only one that makes my heart: burst, break and melts. First time in my life I'm hooked with Pop music, since I'm an avid rock fan before. I have been addicted to some but they are my first & last obsession.


Anonymous said...

I love everything about them.


Nina Aziz said...

i love them for their togetherness, their kind heart and how they are close to one another...their songs does have this happy effect on me, whenever i'm sad or in bad side of the day. their song actually turns my day into better...

pamela said...

i love their music.. it can turn my worst day ever better..and their brotherhood,personalities..they act the same on & off camera..they don't hide anything...and plus they make me laugh!! saranghae yeongwonhi SS501!!

sanny said...

I love them ,,because they are different with other bands ,, they're kind, funny, gentle, and they aren't lie when camera shoot them, they just act like their true personality..
and they also rely and help on each other...
that's why I LOVE SS501 :)
ss501 hwaiting !!

Dreamy said...

I luv double S because i'm totally amazed at their good friendship and they always make me feel so happy and touched. SS501 is the 1st band with 5 totally different unique voices and personalities i could differentiate. They r also the 1st band that make me interested in Kpop. They friendly, kind, humourous ppl that r passionate abt performing. I just luv everything abt them cos to me they r more than a band.

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