Leader played soccer again! And this time, it's with his co-actor/f4 member/friend Ki Bum. I'm not sure when the exact day is, but if I'm not mistaken, this is in Gaepo-dong. The pictures are small, but it didn't take me long to spot Hyun Joong. He really stands out! Can you spot him in less than 2 seconds? Kekeke.

Credits: http://blog.naver.com/khjeternity + http://www.cyworld.com/narasejong


aprilstar said...

Playing soccer with slippers ? What he do to the nice expensive soccer shoes he forgets to remove even when driving his equally expensive porsche ? At least he is easy to spot in the pic ! Whatever he wears we can see him alright !

jettie said...

@aprilstar ...LOL!!!!it's my first time seeing a socer player wears slippers while playing...hahah!!!that's very funny!!!!luv ya oppa :) .....saranghaeyo.wooottt

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