Leader visited his doctor last May 27, Thursday, I guess to have a check-up after the car accident he encountered on the 12th of this month. Here are some photos of his visit. I really hope he'll fully recover soon, and not have to take painkillers anymore. I hope he gets better especially in time for their comeback stage!

Credits: himchanhospital.com + Baidu


jettie said...

i like his pants....ngaun pag sira-sira ang pants mo mayaman ka....pag hindi...edi hindi...wahahahahaha!!

Anonymous said...

Mas mahal ang pants pag sira -sira .Hahhaha

aprilstar said...

I like KHJ attire -so hip,so cool and his doctors too happy to have their photo w/famous patient.

Hope he is getting his clean bill of health soon!

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