[Hyung Joon] Really...
2010-05-23 AM 12:37:44

You are the best!
I was sad cause I thought You might feel empty that we were going to sing 2 ballad songs.
But as soon as I saw the green peas on the stage, I thought "That's it!"
Really Thank you. Sorry for that I only express my thanks to you as "THANK YOU" in words.
We will get better and return your favor to you, TripleS who came from a distance and Green peas who've been with us.
The time is coming soon. I'll remember today's throb, today's happiness, today's touching in my heart.
I love you TripleS who were with us, cheered for us & the master of Pearl Light Green.
I'll run today & tomorrow for you.
Please be together always. I'm happy today~~~ Let me love ya~ Take care! Heavy raining outside.
See you on 4th of June.

Credits to dspenter.com + (Englis Translation) loiskr.blogspot.com

Awww, thank you for the sweet, thoughtful message Baby Jun. Now, I feel like crying.


Emily♥ 에밀리 ♥エミリー said...

We love you, too! <333

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