KyuSaeng are back from Japan earlier today! I was wondering when these two will be back. Looks like Kyu stayed the longest in Japan, huh? I love Kyu's look... and of course Saengie looks, as always, like a prince. Now that they're all back in Seoul, I wish the date for the comeback will be finalized soon! Welcome back boys!

Credits: SS601 + Amorino + as tagged on pics


Anonymous said...

Kyu, just looks freakin awesome!!! Oh, just love them!!

Andrea said...

they look so cool. hope the comeback's gonna be soon

janelle said...

i just noticed that kyu loves to wear hats =) by the way, why is kyu in japan too? i'm aware that sangie is there for some sort of program. is kyu also included in the program? sorry T_T

janelle said...

by the way, their outifts contradict. haha! sangie's gives of a feel that it's fall and or spring. and kyu's outfit is very summer-y =)

kyusaeng is really absolute!

Anonymous said...

WoW!They are looking really good. Hope they have a good rest after travelling. I am dying here. I am sure all the triple s are dying although they are all waiting patiently. Please, come back soon! I miss them alot! lol

Emily♥ 에밀리 ♥エミリー said...

Yes yes, please come back soon! >.<

phtriples said...

@janelle: we're also wondering ourselves why Kyu decided to stay behind in Japan. Personally, I think he stayed behind to support YS. Hahaha. But we don't know that for sure. No news about what he did in Japan. ^_^

Nina Aziz said...

kyu looks totally hottt~~~
saengie so princey likey~~~
i'm lovin it~~~

laraloi said...

Kyu's looks so good looking!
...forever KYU's one ov'em..

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