Kyu Jong : Going to meet with you all soon . . .
2010-05-24, 9:35:23 AM

Thank you.. ^^ Thank you !!

But really, indeed it rained nyo..Hee ~
It's been a long time seeing our pretties from where we are on stage..

Was very beautiful.. Our members feel really really grateful...
On the other hand also feel sorry..

However..^^ It was very wonderful moments ! ^^

By the way, how was Let me be the one?!

Eum.. It was a song we put all our hearts into ne..
Though a little shy..^^; hee

We 501.. Will be surfacing very soon..^^

It isn't long left. . . We will repay you with a splendid stage..!!

Because we 501 are the magnificent fellas that's why hh !!
For the sake of our pretties,
we will be running for them !

We're departing now.. Going to finish up with preparations soon..
Ah nervous yo...
Much more nervous than any time nyo..

Going to meet with you very soon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!^^

Credit: + (English Translation) ode@blog


Nina Aziz said...

kyu jong oppa...
ur message makes me wanna cried....
haiz...can wait for their comeback stage...

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