SS501 had another fansigning event yesterday at 4:30 in the afternoon at KBS 88 Gymnasium Hall. From those who purchased DESTINATION special edition album through Shinnara (Synnara) Records, 750 were chosen to attend this fansign event. They also had a mini-celebration for their 5th year anniversary (June 8) and Leader Hyun Joong's 25th birthday (June 6). Looks like it was a fun event for all the lucky Triple S that were there. And the boys are looking cute with their party hats. Here are a few highlights lifted from Lois' blog (Credit: Loiskr@bs)...

- Two cakes were prepared to celebrate our boys.
One is for HJL, the other one is for 5th Anniversary.
- Leader said "Thank you for coming today. This is the first time to have a birthday party with my fans for me."
- Jung Min said "I don't like this photo of cake. It's too old."
- Our boys were going to sing "Happy birthday to You" to Leader.
- Leader suggested other song to them instantly.
- Our boys said "Let's sing "Warning" to remind our debut".
- After their song, all fans sang Happy birthday song.
- Leader said to fans, "Thank you. Let's be together until 50th Anniversary."
- Suddenly, Love Ya was played in the venue.
- Many fans sang along but they couldn't follow rap part.
- So Leader said to fans "Don't pretend that you know the lyrics!! Don't Sing!!"
- He also said "Let's make it tremendous when we comeback. I hope many fans will come to Music Bank on 4th of June"
- After that, they got a photo time for fans. Suddenly Jung Min danced.

And here are fancams and pictures from the event.

Video Uploader: WWloveHJL2@YouTube

Focus On Jung Min (Doing Butt Dance)
Video Uploader: yisaya86@YouTube


Credits: as tagged on pics


Sanny said...

woahh!! they're all look so happy ^^

aprilstar said...

#Wonder why YS seem not in good vibes w/KHJ ?

KHJ is looking more handsome bearing close resemblance now to BYJ...but I prefer he has his own identity after all his personality plus talents and looks are unique .

Good to see KHJ looking healthier and happier .
Happy Birthday leader !

Happy 5th anniversary SS501 .Looking forward to your 50th !

Anonymous said...

they feel awkward to each other... i cant determine the true reason so i recommend you to watch youngsaeng's 24th birthday and intimate note 2 with kara

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