There is a survey conducted by Internet for Japanese TS before the concert. SS501 also corresponds to the vote and carried out some interesting game at the concert!

10 important point of SS501 “Members’ Image Impression Ranking” of Japanese TS

1. Which member will seriously reply girlfriend’s SMS?

Ranking: KJ (63.98%) . HJL (11.21%). HJB (8.55%). YS (8.20%) . JM (8.05%)

2. Which member is the best at comforting angry girlfriend?

Ranking: JM (30.91%). HJL (20.70%). YS (19.84%). KJ (17.25%). HJB (11.29%)

3. The most narcissistic members in SS501?

Ranking: HJB (40.76%). JM (24.16%). YS (18.76%). HJL (14.95%). KJ (1.37%)

4. Who is the strongest when playing boxing?

Ranking: HJL (60.46%). JM (14.95%). KJ (11%). YS (7.48%). HJB (6.11%)

When playing punching machine at the concert, the actual result is:

Ranking: HJL (132kg). JM & YS (128kg). KJ (109kg). HJB (93kg)

5. Which member will be cheating even having a girlfriend?

Ranking: HJB (42.49%). YS (25.31). JM (14.23%). HJL (13.87%). KJ (4.10%)

6. Which member is good at playing hula hoop?

Ranking: JM (38.03%). HJL (30.41%). YS (11.29%). KJ (10.42%). HJB (9.85%)

7. Which member is the worst at observation?

Ranking: HJB (44.64%). HJL (34.51%). YS (11.65%). JM (6.90%). KJ (2.30%)

8. When filming love story, which member will practice how to kiss in front of mirror?

Ranking : HJB (31.78%).YS (30.34%). JM (18.19%). KJ (13.95%). HJL (5.75%)

9. After the quarrel with others, members who will still not able to put aside even after reconcile?

Ranking: JM (58.73%). YS (14.67%). HJB (12.08%). KJ (7.91%). HJL (6.61%)

10. Which member do you think you will feel surprisingly boring when being with him?

Ranking: YS (36.45%). HJL (31.06%). HJB (17.69%). KJ (8.41%). JM (6.40%)

Do you guys agree with the rankings? Or do you think TS got it wrong with some of the questions? Kekeke. Also here's a short clip where Jung Min mentioned the 1st question, Kyu was ranked first and he attempted to give Hyung Jun's iPAD as a gift. Hahaha! Here's another classic example of Baby being bullied by his Hyungs. Kekeke. They're hilarious!

Video Uploader: mangosorbet@YouTube


jean18_chinita said...

when was the Saitama Concert.?

phtriples said...

Saitama Concert happened on April 25, 2010. :)

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