May 10, 2010

Yoon Ji Hoo Playbacks

Missing Yoon Ji Hoo? Here's another flash from featuring playbacks from Boys Over Flowers of Ji Hoo scenes.

Credit: 유카리 @ Investigation KHJ


Feon said...

Omg love it!! :D
Love him more in SS501 but still...!!!
Thanks for the hard work~ :D

snoopy said...

hey possible to download this to ipod or mp4 for remote/offline viewing? thanks for advising.

phtriples said...

sorry, it's FLASH so I'm afraid it can't be downloaded. :(

Anonymous said...

These flashback shots reminded me again how KHJ portrayed Jihoo who was stoic,mysterious ,distant, traumatized yet loving and loyal .It is no mean feat as it took KHJ almost to turn his personality upside down to be Jihoo. We loved Jihoo and the man who played that role . Jihoo will always be in our hearts . Thanks for the sweet memories.

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