Here's a summarized fan account from China TS forum, about the Music Bank recording yesterday. We all saw how magnificent their comeback stage was, but those that were there live with our boys saw a lot of things that we didn't see in the broadcast. Just reading their stories, made me smile and sigh at the same time. I'm smiling because I would have loved to see those cute and happy moments of the boys, but at the same time, I'm also sad to know that Leader is not fully recovered yet, but still gave us an awesome performance. These boys are really professionals and working hard for all of us. They are #1 in the hearts of all Triple S, and they also deserve to be #1 in all the charts! Read the fan account below (green words are my own comment, please don't copy!)


First, let me give you some fact about the recording:

1) because “Love Ya” is comeback stage so it need to be pre-recorded to broadcast

2) Let me be the one is live broadcasted at Music Bank

3) TS need to go to the venue the night before for the ticket number (If I were in Korea, I would probably be lining up with all the rest of TS, kekeke)

4) Our boys totally recorded for seven times

5) The first 3 run are more like rehearsal

6) The following 2 run are the real recording for broadcasting

7) The last 2 run are for Leader’ solo dance break…

8) Because the song’s dancing steps are very strong so almost after every run, our boys needs to wipe-off the excessive sweat to prepare for the next run. (Awww... the boys must be really tired with all those runs)

9) There are lots of TS came from different countries including Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, China.. but the supportive module are still very completed and loud ... (TS are really loud, and we can hear that in the video! Even Kyu loved to hear the shouts!)

SEcond, I will give you some details about each members ^^

Let’s start with Hyung Jun baby:

1) He is the most active one in the show… haha.. as always…

2) He keep playing with dancers and lyrics of the song… ^^ (There's never a dull moment with this Maknae)

3) Then at the end of the third run, he said to staff “that, is the back of my clothes broken ? I just heard a cracking sound”

4) He is also having the most stable performance (I think Baby is the best in live performances)

Sexy Jung Min:

1) Jung Min is really very tall in person… (I know! I saw it for myself in Bangkok!)

2) He once again got the dance step wrong and gave audience the usual cute expression.. all the audience were laughing.. (Hahaha, so cute!)

3) Meanwhile, his sexy back clothing are all wet so noona Cody helped him to wipe it off but put her hand under his clothing… all the TS are shouting… TT (Dang! Lucky noona!)

4) He also seems a bit nervous yesterday… but his dance is so great because of his super good body shape (And his dance was so intense with all his eye and facial expressions!)

Kyu Jong:

1) He is always the one most stable in live .. no nervous… just quietly finished all the things

2) He also is the one sweating the most … almost from the beginning to the end

3) Everytime fans called his name, he would wave for them and smile (Awww, sweet Kyu!)

Young Saeng:

1) In the beginning, he kept playing with dancer also.. seems relax

2) He is the one having less sweating… (He said before he doesn't sweat that much compared to others)

3) Meanwhile, after the 4th rehearsal, every members were trying to fresh up for the next run, he stand in the middle of the stage gave TS a solo performance (Cute pose) to show off himself. (Hahaha, so cute Saengie!)

4) He also kept his bad boy image … didn’t say much for the fans…

Last, will be Leader Joong:

1) He is as professional as always… very quiet to practice at the side…

2) Hyun Joong definitely is not 100% well recovered… he tried hard until the third time, he started to get hurt again. (So sad to hear this...)

3) Some quotes from TS

“At the end of the third time ~ I caught with my eyes that he kept using his left hand cover over his far shoulder on right hand position”

“He kept lower his head down, I began to think that is it the choreography ~ but not ~ when the music began later found that he would come up and tried hard to dance ~”

“But I feel that he was trying hard to use his right hand, when he slowly got up, he also got the tempo wrong so they need to do it all again ~ ~”

“He may be affected by his injuries ~ stand there in some absent-minded. When he should have been in the middle with the other four members together ~ He went to the right side of the stage with the dancers team instead.”

4) Even in pain, Hyun Joong still very hardworking on finishing the song… you can even noticed that he was in pain if you were not in there live. (That's the mark of a true Leader and a real professional!)

5) So Hyun Joong ~ ~ dance through three times and started to dance three more times again ~ after finished his solo dance at last, he quickly went backstage. (I hope you get more rest, Leader!)

Credits: + 米修生@金賢重吧 + ss501fighting@blog


Anonymous said...

may i ask what TS meas?

phtriples said...

TS means Triple S. The fanclub of SS501. :)

Anonymous said...

Hello, are there any fancams showing the parts where leader held his shoulder? Or the incidents of JungMin and HyungJoon? Thanks

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