Here are a few pictures from Kim Hyun Joong's Meet & Greet in Manila... courtesy of my Triple S sister Akee. It was indeed a cozy, intimate meet and greet. Such a special and memorable time for Triple S Philippines and also some foreign TS. Leader is sooo nice and sweet and accommodating! Thank you Leader! Maraming salamat!

Credit: akee@TSPH


sha filan said...

he held a fanmeet???
soooo lucky!!!!!!

Belldandy said...

Hay quien como ustedes que pueden tener de cerca al lider..........saludos desde PerĂº

Anonymous said...

oh lucky gals!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

omg he held a fanmeet???? dang it i missed the concert and i also missed this???!!!! arg!!!!!!!!!!!

lucky ladies^^

purpleblossom said...

hi, can i get a copy of the pics taken at the fan meeting? coz cameras are not allowed. i just want to have a copy in HD.. don't worry, i won't edit or repost or whatever. i just want to have a copy.. ^^ thanks!

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