We know that the Normal Edition of SS501's Destination album has an S&M concept divided into two: There's the white concept (natural & pure) and the black concept (strong & sexy). Here are the white concept picture scans. Aaaahh... our boys are clad in white amidst feathers. So clean and pure... Kekeke. They look so innocent and angelic, don't they?

Credits: FB tags + gellie @ DailyKpopNews


lourdz said...

awwwww... pure angelic...

cheezeemelt said...

shoot!! like a fallen angel! aigooo.. am I in heaven already? kekekeke.. love baby's and mal's! ^^,

Anonymous said...

gosh... they look super duper pure.

btwn gal, i saw yesasia can preorder their normal edition cd + dvd, does it comes with the above pictures...???

waiting for ur soonest reply.

thank you

kelly koh

Nina Aziz said...

angelic ss501 the handsome angel i ever seen..my angel SS501!!!espcially angel baby

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