June 23, 2010

SS501 X-Concert

I don't know what to say. I just cried. Seeing the members crying like this, it just breaks my heart. I can really feel their love for their fans. So many doubts and rumors, it obviously hurts them to see their fans hurting. But I still CHOOSE to BELIEVE in them. No matter what, they will be 5 forever as 1. So just like Baby and Leader said, DO NOT WORRY!

Video Uploader: reena29shadow@YouTube


Bunny said...

I've cried too!

น.ส.ภัทรศศิร์ said...

They cried so much. This make me worry more and more.
I still believe in them but now I can't speak out. I love them so much and I worry as much as I love them. I still worry.Now I feel like I can't breath.
Please stay with us OPPA.

Anonymous said...

i cried also..

i think my days will not be complete with out them.

maybe its hard to recover but i believe in ss501

goodluck boys...

all of us will always support ss501 forever..

we will be with your side till the end..

eral said...

why are they going to disband? can't they renew the contract? huhuhuhu.
i love ss501 so much!huhuhu

aprilstar said...

My reading in what the SS501 guys are actually saying is readying us all for the changes in their lives . After all 5 years is a lot of time to prepare in their careers which they have indicated early on would be on EVENTUALLY individual efforts .We should be happy for them and allow them without heavy hearts to move on.

They must be able to test their individual strengths and assets and prove themselves . They can always still perform together but we must let them explore the big wide world out there.

I believe we only want the best for them as a group and in their solo flights .Let our love for them be their source of inspiration

Anonymous said...

missing them so much now? any news on the members aside from HJL? =(

christine501 said...

i cried...because it is so touching...
anyone know what's the title of the song they sung at the end???

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