June 14, 2010

Will Be Back Soon!

I went to the Ukiss fanmeet yesterday in Edsa Shangrila Mall. I wasn't able to attend the fanmeet, but we saw them arriving in the lobby and walked with them to the fanmeet venue. I was able to touch Dong Ho's arm! And I called out Kevin and Xander's names, and they each looked at me and said Hi. Kekeke. It wasn't much, but it was enough for me. UKiss is my 2nd fave group after SS501, so it was a really nice experience.

I can't write a long fan account as of now, since I'm off to meet friends for lunch, and then it's the Ukiss concert tonight. I haven't updated my blog since I arrived in Manila, since I'm trying to enjoy my vacation. I hope you guys don't mind my short hiatus. I can't wait to be blogging again soon! Thanks for those who continue coming here. I'll update again soon!Take care everyone! And please don't forget to continue streaming in Soribada to help SS501 win for the rest of the promotions in Music Shows! Triple S and SS501 fighting!


Kamiyu said...

Anyaseo! ^^ Hello
I often visit your blog and I just understand how to write a com' lol ^ ^
I love your blog it is so great. I am a French triple S ^ ^. You are very lucky to have met U-kiss is also my second favorite band after SS501.
Good continuation and see you soon bye ^ ^.

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