Omo! Omo! Omo! Now we get some clear photos from the shoot of Mischievous Kiss! I really love Leader's hair!!! And I'm glad that it's black! He's just more handsome with black hair! And the uniform really looks wonderful on him! Aaaah! I know you're all excited of the drama too, I can't wait!!! Here's the news clip from ALLKPOP:


I’m sure many of you guys just can’t wait till the drama series of Playful Kiss airs. Well, to raise the hype even more about this upcoming drama, Group Eight has offered a sneak peek of the Playful Kiss filming with filming stills.

The released stills were of Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min.

According to the production Group Eight, Kim Hyun Joong (who will be playing Baek Seung Jo) and Jung So Min (Oh Hani) held their first filming on the 24th at a residential area in SungBokDong, Seoul.

They were acting in a scene where they are bickering at one another on their way to school. These photos have been revealed to the public on the 26th.

Group Eight also revealed:
“When it came time for these two to commence filming, the staff erupted into applause and congratulated them on their first official filming”
“Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min responded with warm and bright smiles”
Group Eight continued:
“Shortly after Seung Jo and Hani started living together, we captured scenes of them two bickering at each other while on their way to school”
“Seung Jo holds a cold appearance and reminds Hani to pretend as if she doesn’t know him while at school. On the other hand, Hani is grumbling and complaining towards Seung Jo. This is just the start of their upcoming sweet romance”

Upon starting filming activities, Kim Hyun Joong shared his determination:
“The first filming started today, and upon hearing the cue sign from the director, I then realized that the filming has officially started”

“Aside from Boy’s Over Flower’s Yoon Ji Hoo, I have been reborn as Playful Kiss’ Baek Seung Jo. I will try my best to make this the best drama”
Jung So Min also shared:
“The director always watches over and leads me well, and I’ve begun to realize that he concentrates a lot on the actors and actresses”
“Instead of showcasing perfect acting since I’m only a rookie, I will try to display my natural and pure sides”
The drama will debut on September 1st through MBC.

Source: allkpop

Credits: + Pluto@Hyuniversal0606 + khj0606


Anonymous said...

VERY HOT in uniform
hehe i love the 4th one
I miss ss501 so much
i hope they do a song for the OST

Bunny said...


shaillene said...

..Hyun Joong looks really like a high school student, so boyish but always gwapo..They look cute together..^^

Anonymous said...

Hyun joong is so handsome. Hopefully this will be aired in the Philippines and ABS-CBN can get the rights for this drama. Im crossing my fingers for this since this is MBC drama. MBC dramas are aired in GMA.

Anonymous said...

Ah he's so cuteeeee :]

Anonymous said... it, hyun oppa looks so handsome..hope it will aired in ABS CBN..pls, pls...I beg.. (peace).. ^^

Anonymous said...

i think fans in Philippines request abs cbn to get this drama..the network has an online opinion. much better to ask them to air in their network

ekinushi said...

i love if gma 7 will be the one who pick this awesome kim hyun joong .,.,mischievous kiss.,,.

Anonymous said...

me too.. i really beg abs will air it.. huhu.. after boys over flowers, kim hyun joong must only be shown again in abs-cbn.. let's all cross our fingers to it..

Anonymous said...

kahit san ipalabas
bzta here in philippines..

Anonymous said...

I already watched the drama. But still I can't wait to watch it in tagalog version. I hope ABS-CBN will get this drama.

Anonymous said...

the decision was made,,.sa gma na ipapalabas ang mischievous kiss..nkakalungkot na hnd ang abs cbn ang nakakuha..

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