SS501 Center Kim Kyu Jong also underwent Lasik eye laser surgery, like Hyung Jun, and he even left a note. The translation is up! What do you think about Kyu's handwriting? So small, huh? Kekeke. Glad that the surgery went well and now he doesn't have to put up with the hassle of contact lenses and eyeglasses.

English Translation:

Eyes. I want everyone to know that it is very important. Fire ya~~~

I have bad eyesight since young hence have been wearing glasses.

After becoming an artiste I have started to put on contact lenses.

The bright lightings and working through the nights causes the eyes to be very tired.

Contact lenses add on to the tiredness.

I was recommended to Lasik.

So I went to the hospital. Found out more about the procedures of the surgery from the nurses noona.

After discussion with the head of department, decided to go ahead with the surgery.

The surgery can be completed in a short 20 minutes, within this short period of time

in exchange for a brighter life. Initially was still worried and scared!

Really was a quick and easy surgery. No pain at all, can continue with a comfortable and normal routine the day after the surgery. Because it was so good, I recommended it to my mother who has been wearing glasses for the past 20 years. Mother also achieved very good results after the surgery.

Every day every day live happily~~ Thank you~~ Fire ya!

Chinese to English Translation:


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I'm so happy for him!

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