SS501 Kim Hyung Jun, Birthday Party with 2,000 fans…site traffic excess

SS501 Kim Hyung Jun will be having a birthday party together with about 2,000 fans.

Triple S (SS501 fanclub) will hold a 2,000-seats birthday party at Melon AX Hall, KwangJin-gu, Seoul to celebrate Kim Hyung Jun’s birthday. The fans have opened a birthday party website for this event. However, due to the overwhelming support from fans, the website suffered excess traffic, etc, displaying unchanged SS501’s popularity.

Even though Kim Hyung Jun is scheduled to attend the party on that day, it is unknown if he will talk about his decision to stay or leave the management company. A SS501 associate said “SS501 is one of the groups who are exceptionally close to their fans. The fans will prepare birthday parties for them every year, members will gratefully accept it. Even though there are many times where they have made surprise confessions to the fans, I know that HyungJun has not decided on whether to stay or leave. Because of that, this birthday party will be purely an enjoyable time with fans.”

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Hope our maknae enjoys that party of his! We're excited for the pictures and fancams and everything. If there is a surprise confession, we await it too! Less than a week 'till Hyung Jun's birthday! MORE DETAILS HERE.


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