I love LOVE YA. I think it's a masterpiece, the beat, the lyrics, the choreography, the dancers, and of course, the ARTISTS. I love SS501's dancers in this song. ARTMATIC dancers, we met them when they accompanied Leader to Manila, and I gotta say, they're really cool and handsome too! They're great dancers, and they contribute a lot to the Love Ya choreography, so I hope you guys don't take them for granted. Kekeke. Anyway, what am I babbling about, I guess what I'm trying to say is, Love Ya is undoubtedly a HIT! DAEBAK! It's just too bad that SS501's promotion period was cut too short. Only a few live performances before they halted the promotions altogether. Don't you miss their performances? It's a good thing someone put together their performances and mix 'em all up into one MV. Nicely done!

Video Uploader: guswnddlfkdenfdltj@YouTube


Bunny said...

I miss them so much!
Even if I will never see them in person in all my life(I'm really far away from Korea), but I support them, I love them!

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