I'm sure you've heard about Super Star right? Our boys will be acting in this mini-drama which consists of 10 different stories. For each story, the cast, storylines and producers are different. Hyung Jun will act in Episode 4: Black City. He filmed his episode last year, you can see the teaser here. Kyu will act in Episode 6: Never Ending Love, and Jung Min will act in Episode 8: Meet. He filmed his episode last June. I hope Young Saeng will act in one episode too. The first episode of Super Star will be aired real soon. Not sure yet of the exact date. Stay tuned.




Credit: 妈妈小花@BAIDU


Mama Mia said...

the Black City impressing me becaus baby Jun will do some action in this drama. i think quite different from his personality ..
i hope Young Saeng will take part & join other members.
cant wait SS501's acting!!

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