U.S 5-member male group Varsity Fanclub gathered attention for their remake of SS501’s ‘Love Like This’.

Varsity Fanclub released the English version of the remake ‘Love Like This’ through Youtube channel on 5-Jul.

Varsity Fanclub is a boyband from LA, California, U.S.A. Member Drew Ryan Scott also participated in the composing of ‘Love Like This’ together with Steven Lee and Sean Alexander.

They said “Besides Drew, 2 others recorded for this song included in SS501’s album. We met some of the members of SS501, they’re really cool.” Though the high notes and special voice features from the original song has vanished, the newly arranged ‘Love Like This’ has a brighter and more upbeat feel to it.

Fans have warm responses to this song, “’Love Like This’ is a masterpiece”, “Remake was done well”.

Credits : http://sports.chosun.com + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

Which is better? Korean version or English version? Of course, I prefer SS501's version! Varsity Fanclub is cool, but for me, SS501's voices are much better. What do you think guys?


Anonymous said...

For me... It doesn't really matter.. Biut to tell you the truth varsity Fanclub did record it first, but they didn't release it because ss501 had release it.. I'm a big fan of both groups soo I eqully like them.. But I'm just saying this stuff bout the song because I knew varsity fanclub first and because of drew actually , since he wrote this song, i got into ss501 and kpop.. Haha but it's good to hear a translated version too.. Haaha soo don't go bagging on varsity Fanclub.. Probably because of them, ss501 woudnt have gotten all these new fans when love like this came out..:) haha sorry ..:) peace and love!!<3

Nicole said...

I think SS501 oppa better than them.......
SS501 hwaiting...........(^0^)

Anonymous said...

SS501's Love like this version is definitely way better than Varsity Fan Club. Not to mention the SS501 boys are much, much gorgeous.

Someone else singing their song makes me miss SS501 more.

shaillene said...

...Original version is still the best for me..:)

Tam said...

I certainly prefer the SS501
Maybe it's just the usual, but for me the version of the Double S is definitely better.
Sorry, I do not speak English very well (I'm from Brazil)'-' Using google translator ^ ^ "

SS501 <3

christine501 said...

SS501 VERSION.!!!!
like this version too..
because of this watch love like this MV again..XD
no one can beat saengie's high note.!

Katina Moore said...

OMG! Thank you sooo much for putting my video up! I am the on wh postend this so. My name is Katina and I will shisIm a huge vfc fan. But I will agree with most people. The SS501 Version is much better.

Janice said...

Yea, SS501's version is better to listen to, but at least I can sing the original VFC's version properly!! I can't sing Korean fluently...TT

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