Boys Over Flower Event in Tokyo Digest

**Afternoon Session**

Leader did not change hairstyle, keeping Baek Seung Jo. In the daytime session, he was dressed in dark blue jacket with a black bow tie with shining spangles on the fringe, and the shoes with fake pave dia which also sparkled in the light. In the evening, he changed to gray linen jacket, the same tone shirt with black tie and pants. He also changed the wrist watch (daytime : square type with black bezel, evening : round face with black bezel) He changed his answers as well.

Beginning: " You’ve got a mail" blinking on the screen
Yoon JiHoo on the screen and his mobile message
YJH: Hi ! Long time no see! I can’t believe that you guys graduated from BOF without me, can’t you ?
Ubin Hi, JiHoo ! I miss you so much.
SoIjyon If JiHoo comes, why not get together again ?
Jumpyo I, Jumpyo-nim is busy on that day !

1/Question corner

Leader was very attentive, he turned his face and body to the person who answered the questions, keeping it during this session.
MC : Could you tell us how you have been spending these days ?
HJ : I’m working for drama, a Japan original comic, “Playful Kiss”. Baek SeungJo is a genius, becoming a doctor. The drama starts on Sept. 1. Please make it sure to waach the drama.
MC : Many kisses in the shooting ?
HJ : Well, actually, we made a shooting of kiss scene when we did not get closer, at the very beginning. Ohani, the girl who likes me made a quick kiss on me, very light one.
Therefore, no specific emotion at all.
MC : A French Kiss without any emotion ? (she plunged !)
HJ : (not embarrassed at all ) Well, it’s a light kiss because it is playful kiss.
However, during the course of the drama, there may be passionate kisses.
MC : What do you pay attention to act as a high school student ?
HJ : I have to keep a fresh skin, also have to care for mustache as well.
I thought of laser operation to remove mustache at the beginning, but reconsidered for future acting as more matured man with beard in future. Please love me even when I act as such a guy in the future.
2/ Movie of BOF an honored firefighter , necklace from Jumpyo, etc.

MC : Well, I was anxious about your mustache while watching the screen .
How did you feel when you acted as Yoon JiHoo, a prince-charming ?
HJ : There were many points to improve. In the next drama, I would like to improve my acting skill. However, I appreciate Yoon JiHoo, the first opportunity of acting.
MC : Did you think how cool you were while watching the screen, didn’t you?
HJ : I though that I had much money in the drama ( Bravo ! 4D Leader !)

3/ Roulette (not Korean game machine)

Though the roulette pointed out MC, she asked Leader to answer with MC’s authority.
While choosing a question to answer in front of him,
HJ : I don’ t feel comfortable (to do so ) ( in Japanese !) which caused an explosion of laugh.
Question : You make it sure to pack ramen and comics when you travel. What do you read now ?
HJ : (in Japanese) Playful kiss, Naruto , One piece and Berserk

When it’s Kim Jun who had a right to make a question to Kim Bum, he asked KB when he made a kiss recently, except for those he made at work. Leader made fun saying “Wow, Kiss is one of the jobs !”
Then it’s Kim Bum who asked the Leader how many romances he had so far.
HJ : (while counting on his fingers) five ? … Yes, five times.
This time, Leader asked Kim Jun who he would help if his girlfriend, his parents and Leader had been in a swamp. Kim Jun drank an awful drink as penalty for not answering.

HJ : Sorry, but I did not ask you to choose one person to help. (4D Leader !!!)

4/ Music Time

Kim Bum brought his own band, acting as vocal with guitar. He sang a Japanese
Film’s theme song “ I’m coming to see you” and a rock (title I forgot)
T max (refreshed with two new members) sang five songs including three from BOF.

Leader : “Thank you” and “ Be nice to me”

5/ Aspirations

HJ : I will do my best in acting Baek SeungJo, the drama I’m working now.
I will show you myself with much improved acting skill. I will work harder.

** Evening Session **

Beginning with the same “You’ve got a mail “ screen.

MC asked Leader whether you can recognize your fans it seemed that there were many fans who came many times in the past.

HJ : There were some BOF fan meetings in the past. For those who came last year and this time, I will answer in a different way so that you will not get bored.
MC asked one by one about their recent activities. Kim Bum had a free time on Friday, visiting Shinjuku, Harajuku and Ginza. He enjoyed ramen, sushi and grilled meat.

HJ : I am crazy about playing football now. As there is an indoor football field (available for twenty-four hours) close to the drama shooting place, I enjoy playing football during free time. Yesterday, I also enjoyed a game with dancers, Japanese colleagues, Korean-Japan match, at the field nearby my hotel (I assume he stayed at New Ohtani Hotel where SS501 frequently stayed, as there is a big field of the Tokyo metropolitan City) However, we loss the game by 4 vs 7; I’m so mad about that !

MC : As you play as a highschool student, how do you act ? Oh I’m not asking about your mustache (audience laugh. MC is so experienced to lead the guest and audience)
HJ : Of course, I have to manage the outlook to be a high school student.
Baek SeungJo is a genius with IQ 200 who talks very difficult phrases.
Therere, I have to speak a long sentences. (hard to remember, I assume)

MC asked again each guy how they look when they are asleep while hectic schedule.  
KB explained that KJ could sleep while walking which turned out true. Then Kim Bum put his head on the shoulder of the Leader, telling that he sleep leaning over the wall.
Leader scratches his neck, then said that he does not like to put many clothes when he’s asleep. So, he changes his cloth to a short pants, no sleeves T-shirt, increasing exposure of skin.

MC : Then how do you sleep at home ?
HJ : Ah~~~~ (in a laugh) I do not wear anything. All the fans know about that.
MC : How do they know about it ? (joke )
Then, movie on the screen (the same as the daytime )
MC : You played as a prince-charming. Don’t you think that you are so cool ?
HJ : I think that everyone thinks of lack in skills and determine to improve in the next drama. Don’t you ? (he asked KB and KJ) right ?
MC : But you still think that you were so nice looking and cool ?
HJ : Well, we were F 4 ! Every F4 was cool.

Confession Game

MC asked three guys what they would cook for their girl friends.

HJ : I like outdoors. I would like to grill meat, wrapping it with “sanchu” (i.e, lettuce) for her. Then, I would like to breathe fresh air, playing boat, bungee jumping as well.

MC : Yoon JiHoo answered "air" to Jandi when he was asked what you could not buy with money. How about you ?
HJ : For example you can buy “ stage performance” , but you cannot buy “love” and “mutual trust”.
MC : How do you spend time when you are lonely ?
HJ : I am a guy who easily gets lonely. I call dancers, my trainer, and so, drinking together. But with only guys, I feel more lonely.

MC : What kind of food you can eat without limit ?
HJ : (in Japanese) a beef bowl of SUKIYA ! I love it much!

After series of questions, boys answered honestly even with tough questions, MC suggests to drink an awful drink to three guys to close this corner. They all seemed to feel shocked as they managed to avoid this ! However, our brilliant Leader proposed to drink together, including MC and translators (poor ladies !)
Then, a football was on the stage. But without proper shoes, they could not show their lifting skill of football. Kim Bum said that he play football with Leader.

Music Scene: Leader appeared with a balloon dog which turned out to be a gift from a fan. He sang “ Thank you “ as if he was enjoying a walk with his dog. After “Be nice to me”, he did not forget to take this dog with him. So cute !!!
Last question about MC, what do you like to challenge in future ?
HJ : I would like to get No. 1 with Playful Kiss in viewing rate.
Then, I would like to show you as much matured singer.
I also think that it will be interesting to have another alumni sometime in the future.

Closing comments by Leader.

Four times BOF alumni session was short for me. I brought a new dancer (a balloon dog) not to get you boring. I hope that all of you spend with smile, and live like flowers.

Credits: Lafone @ liezle's blog

Thank you so much Lafone and Liezle! I enjoyed reading this fan account! Leader's 4Dness really shows, no matter what he does. Kekeke. And aahh, the passionate kisses from Playful Kiss, are you guys ready for those?!


aprilstar said...

Thanks for the fan account .Although I have read this in another blog ,I really enjoyed rereading this .Hyun joong is WONSONAM -Totally Precious Guy (a title he won in 2009 .Wonder why it did not get attached to his name .) I love the way he answers questions ,so witty and full of candor.

Never a dull moment with him around. He is my most favorite interviewee.I bet most fans are too,hanging to every word he says LOL.

Anonymous said...

MC : Did you think how cool you were while watching the screen, didn’t you?
HJ : I though that I had much money in the drama( Bravo!4D Leader!) He really looked like a grandson of a rich man in BOF...

Anonymous said...

I also read this in another blog but it seems easier to read it here...It is nice that they were a lot of fans who were trying to get every word Leader said and every account gets more interesting. He also played football in Bali. He watched the game when he was in Europe. He always loves fooling around with his friends, funny and smart when he said to Kim Joon

Leader asked Kim Joon who he would help if his girlfriend, his parents and Leader had been in a swamp. Kim Jun drank an awful drink as penalty for not answering.
HJ : Sorry, but I did not ask you to choose one person to help. HAHA

In the past, I also enjoyed his interview as Yoon Ji Hoo, MVIO interview in 2009, and those early years SS501...*_*

Anonymous said...

The balloon dog reminds me of Dangee in Thanks for Raising me up series especially in Episode 3 wherein Leader was fooling around again calling himself a dog too.Young Saeng singing for the dog and impersonating some people, their individual videos with Dangee haha Hyung Joon and the hug, Jung Min the extinct horse, Kyu Jong fear of dogs but he eventually turned to love ^_^ I miss these guys together! I am sure Leader's dream of another stage performance will happen soon *_*

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