Fans jealous over the female sales staff Park Jung Min hired

SS501 members Park Jung Min announced that he signed a contract under the collaboration between Chai Zhi Ping and CNR Media from Korea. The fashion shop [Royal Avenue] that he managed is recently working on expanding to China Market, what he didn’t expect is, the female sales staff that he employed from China, was being mistaken as his girlfriend by fans and they are launching searches about her.

Park Jung Min working together with [The mother of dramas] Chai Zhi Ping, fans are all eager to see new works from them soon. But management company ordered : [Can’t speak Chinese well, no way to act in any show!], with that, he is now learning Chinese in Korea with a private language teacher. The teacher is from Taiwan, thus the Chinese that he speaks comes with a little Taiwanese accent. He can’t help but whined a little on his microblog in English :[I have to master more of Chinese language, it’s really difficult.]

Although Park Jung Min was brought to fame as a member of SS501, he has already bought a property and car for his family. Now he’s able to work for his own individual career. Other than acting, he also managed an online shopping mall. He also hired a female staff helping him with his expanding his business in China. What he didn’t expect is the fans to get jealous over it, investigating on her family background and everything. Management company clarified:[ She’s only a normal sales staff, the fans have mistaken about it.]

Credits: China Times + (English translation) reena29shadow

Haha, investigating on the female staff? Whoa, fans can be scary sometimes. I wonder what will happen if the boys announce they have girlfriends for real. LOL.


Tam said...

Realmente, seria preocupante se eles anunciassem que estavam namorando. Sabe-se lá o que alguns fãs mais exaltados poderiam fazer o.o
Ainda assim, ela seria muito sortuda por poder ficar ao lado dos nosso meninos ^^"

phtriples said...

Rough translation of Tam's comment: Wow!
It would be really worrying if they announce that they were dating. Who knows what some fans might do. Still, it would be very lucky to be able to get alongside our boys ^ ^

c/o Google Translate. Kekeke. Thanks TAM!

tam said...

I am very grateful to translate my comments.
As my English is not good, sometimes it's hard for me to write correctly, so I write in Portuguese. So, sorry if I come eventually to comment on my indioma. Thank you for your patience.
I love the blog ^ ^
I follow all the SS501 through here.
Fighting o/

phtriples said...

Your English is not bad TAM! I appreciate the effort, and I understand. Thank you for your words. Please support SS501 forever! :)

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