Our charming CEO, came back safely from Japan last night! Here's a fancam and some photos of him at Gimpo Airport. He looks good! As we know, Jung Min is the most accommodating to the fans. Always ready with a smile and a wave. He did that shushing thing again with his finger, probably because the fans at the airport are noisy. Kekeke.




Credits: http://blog.naver.com/501_dg + Pheromin

Video Uploader: iZomZaa@YouTube


Nina Aziz said...

ahh~~jungmin oppa!!! so sweet.he was asking the fans to hush down..keepin his return a secret...
sooooooo cuttttteeeeee!!!!

shaillene said...

..Jung min looks so refreshed.. I especially love his sincere smile,..his smie is very encouraging, makes you want to smile as well when you see him. ^^

Baby Alyss said...

wow jung min oppa's so cute!! esp. when he told the fans to hush.. love it!! ^^,) makes me smile with his charm.. ^^

Anonymous said...

That's right.. I always want to smile whenever I saw him smiling heartily..

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