SGTripleS is soooo fast in sharing this video of Maknae arriving at Singapore airport! Thank you! I'll update when photos come out. I hear Baby is now in the hotel where he's staying at the time I'm posting this.

Credit: TripleS Singapore + clldunk10@YT

And here's another fancam...

Video Uploader: shasha17n@YouTube

And another one...

Video Uploader: SgTripleS@YouTube

And this one is longer and shows Baby walking outside. Thanks hl2412@Twitter!

Video Uploader: poohlhl@YouTube

Some pictures...

Credits: devildenise + liezle@blog

Credit: hl2412@twitter

And just a few minutes ago, Maknae tweeted a couple of times!

Google Translation: Arrive in Singapore at night too ~ Nice, I received a warm and passionate welcome in the airport. I'm so happy ^ ^

And he also tweeted this, along with a pic, most probably his view from his hotel room.

Google Translation: Kudos, Singapore at night, good night


Anonymous said...

who's the DJ in music high while he's out? i listened to it just now, it seems like hyung jun's voice, but i'm not sure. haha

phtriples said...

Music High is taped at a different time and just broadcasted at 2am KST. Maknae sometimes does the show Live especially when he turns on the webcast, but sometimes it's taped. :) So it's his voice that you heard while he's in Singapore.

tam said...

Our boy seems fine, right?
I am happy knowing that he is okay.
I hope to see them together again soon.

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