You would know that you really love someone when even their dog gets posted in your blog. Hahaha! It's just that I find Hyung Jun's dog Choco, sooooo freakin' adorable! Just like the master! I've always been a dog lover, but mine's a beagle. If I'm not mistaken, I think Choco is an American Cocker Spaniel? Correct me if I'm wrong. Just compare Choco's before and after pic. Choco's grown big now! Awww... too cute for words! See more pics.

Awww... look at how much Hyung Jun loves Choco... he can't help kissing and treating his furry friend like a baby...

Even Mommy and best friend loves this little hairy bundle of joy... with the diaper. LOL!



Dog Lover said...

Nice Hair Cut & style for Choco. Must have been hard to control choco while doing the cut & styles.

Nina Aziz said...

ah~~~so cute!!!choco is cute just like it's owner!!!

Emily♥ 에밀리 ♥エミリー said...

They are so cute together! Haha Choco is so sweet looking, I just want to hug him! x3 To say nothing of his owner... muahaha ;3

Jules said...

he has my dog!!!! its creepy my dog mocha looks exactly like choco!

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