Now that the airing date for Leader's new drama, Mischievous Kiss, is nearing, I know we're getting even more excited, right? Tomorrow, August 26 at 2pm, there will be a presscon for the drama cast and we can watch it live on Facebook! The beauty of Social Networking! In the video below, the casts are inviting us all to the presscon. I love Leader's smile at the very end! Here's the Facebook link:

Video Uploader: iZomZaa@YouTube

And here's another video, which shows some behind the scenes of the drama. Love it! Can't wait for the real thing!

Video Uploader: ystarchannel1@YouTube

Oh, and guys, don't forget there will be a Trending Session in Twitter tomorrow night as well. We're going to try and get MISCHIEVOUS KISS and HYUN JOONG on the Trending List. It's going to be at 11pm-1am Korean Time or 10pm-12mn Philippine Time. Please do help and please spread the word! Okay? See ya!


sheidee79 said...

How do I participate in trending?

phtriples said...

@sheidee79: Create a Twitter account and include HYUN JOONG and MISCHIEVOUS KISS in your tweets on Aug 26. :) Hope you can help! Thanks!

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