I've heard a few days ago that Kyu and Saengie went to Japan, but I didn't want to believe until there's some proof. Well, now we have proof. Here's a fancam of the two boys arriving at Haneda Airport in Japan last August 4. They've got no bodyguards! But who's that girl walking with them in the airport? Is that a fan? Anyway, the fans there are so lucky because they got the boys to sign autographs. Aaaah, I'm so jealous. Kekeke. I wish I can go to Japan for a vacation! Hmmm... looks like they're going there for a vacation, but of course that's just me assuming. It also looks like they'll be staying there long, coz they each got a big luggage. And they actually rode a cab! It's weird seeing the boys out on their own with no bodyguards or staff or management vehicles to pick them up. I hope the fans will give them space and let them enjoy their stay. I wish they'll have fun there. They deserve time off to relax, recharge their batteries, and come back fresh as ever ready to work again. Hopefully. Argh, I miss them so much! Take care boys!

Video Uploader: YsEmine@YouTube


rhaine tsuki said...

I agree! while its sweet they signed autographs we should let them rest right? let them know we still love them and always will but give them space to breathe too :)

tam said...

while I'm happy to see them together, it breaks my heart not to see the five members together. And I feel a little jealous for not being able to be there to watch them closely ¬ ¬

Anonymous said...

i miss the boys.. it's so refreshing to see them both again but it really feels weird to see them on their own without their bodyguards and riding a cab.. maybe they also felt weird about it..

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