Kim Hyun Joong’s charming and cute new image in ‘Naughty Kiss’ give everybody a completely new feel, guess this will bring in another new fashion wave.

Actually once ‘Naughty Kiss’ is aired, viewers most concern is Kim Hyun Joong’s style and look in the drama, everybody think that he is supposed to be a trend-setter, everytime when he appears he will bring along new fashion wave. Kim Hyun Joong’s hairstyle is also a de facto which everybody want to follow. In the internet, ‘Kim Hyun Joong’s hairstlye’ and other related search word is always in the hot search terms list, this has clearly shown his popularity.

His management company’s spokeperson mentioned “Once the new drama was broadcast, we were flooded with inquiries from a lot of media friends and also people in fashion related business. They are interested about his ‘another’ new style which will start during the beginning of his university life. In the drama Seung Jo’s role will fit a different style and also have more natural hairstyle. Specially for the drama, Kim Hyun Joong has some slight wavy perm, this has caused immediately create much attention among many netizen.

Kim Hyun Joong’s new hairstyle is a wavy hairstyle with a little dimensional feel which make him looks more lively and fashionable. Currently this type of natural and lively hairstyle is widely supported among males in their 20-30s. Couple with bright colour dye, this hairstyle will lead the fashion trend this autumn.

Responding to Kim Hyun Joong’s eye catching new style, the netizen have left messages like “matured and lively Seung Jo is even more charming!” “Kim Hyun Joong can completely digest a simple wavy hairstyle, really has a natural born charm” “After changing hairstlye he is more cute! Baek Seung Jo is good”.

The love war between Jung SoMin vs Lee Si Young to contend for Kim Hyun Joong has started.

Credits: + (Chinese Trans) julieann @ + (Eng Trans)

I'm actually still getting used to Leader's new curly hair, but I'm warming up to it really fast! The guy can simply pull off any hairstyle! Heck, he can even be bald and I bet he'll still look good. Too extreme? Kekeke.


triples_greenpeas said...

so handsome! better than before^^

joy614 said...

what ever hairstyle is... he is still hot and handsome.!! i really enjoy watching playful kiss!! love it.. so much!!

please continue to support SS501!!

triples_greenpeas said...

better than before ^^
but he's still handsome~~

Anonymous said...

The first day I was a bit surprised. But now I really like it. He looks just like a prince in a manga. It has great texture and he carries it really good.

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