After being gone for a couple of days (probably due to a technical glitch or something), Jung Min's Facebook page is now back up! And he posted a new photo to a new album entitled Mobile Uploads. With no make-up, you can see that Jung Min really has great skin. Visit his facebook page at:
러브야 대기실에서~^^
At the waiting room during LoveYa

And he also wrote new posts on his Facebook wall...

Hello!! I'm Jungmin!! I'm back!!
Everyone come come come come!!!!!
Revived!! Reborn!! Wonderful!! Who was it!!
Survived~~^o^ Relieved relieved!!^^ Come to play oh~!!

Translation by: ode@blog


Anonymous said...

I tried adding him but it goes straight through my new feed and it doesnt pop anything up about him ;[

phtriples said...

I guess it's down again then.... aish, I don't know why Facebook keeps removing his page. Maybe it's a technical glitch coz he has way too many visitors? I don't know...

Larazel said...

..yeah same here!!!...huhuhuh...i thought its because of my pc..waa~~...i dont want jungminnie will get tied about this..technical glitch!!

Anonymous said...

speaking of jungmin's page being down, is leader's official website down too?

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