One by one, they're opening their own websites! I love it! Hyun Joong also opened his Korean website! Click here to see it. Stalk the site for photos, updates and whatnot!

Video Uploader: iMissChievous@YouTube
Translation: Hello, I'm Kim Hyun Joong. I'm now in the midst of shooting for drama Playful Kiss. I will deliver the news to you all about the opening of my official homepage here at the set of shooting for drama. My latest news will be delivered quickly to all of you through my homepage. So, Everyone please visit the homepage often. The weather's getting colder these days, so do be careful of flu and the cold. Please be happy today too~ This is KimHyunjoong here, Thank you~~~~

Translation by ode@blog

Credit: + as tagged


Anonymous said...

Ang guapo talaga parang anghel...ang paborito kong pose yong nakared jacket, pero di siya naenlarge dito...c:

phtriples said...

you can actually click on the pic to enlarge :)

shaillene said..., what a very good news to see before the night ends. Thank you very much ^^

Anonymous said...

Is it just me? or is the link to the website not working? maybe it's just my crappy connection xD
But everything is working fine, that's the only link i can't go to T_T

phtriples said...

It's not just you... we all can't access the website as of the moment... probably crashed now due to high traffic. kekeke. But I'm pretty sure it will be back up. :)

Anonymous said...

Cuteness. handsomeness,breathtaking gorgeous personality.
Hyun Joong is so tempting. Love him to the max.

Anonymous said...

ang cute talag ni kim hyun joong sunbae..he's one of my crushes in K pop male artist..he's so handsome.,hope to see him personally..=)

che ann said...

i really love kim hyun joong.,he is so handsome., i really can't stop myself to be "kilig" whenever i see him..he's one of my crushes in k pop male artist..hope to see him here in the philippines. so sad that i didn't watched his concert here..=( anyway i still continue my support to him and always knowing some you kim hyun

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