Awww, this is just too cute!!! Pretty Boy managed to capture wonderful shots of Maknae filming for E!News Korea yesterday. He's with his cute dog Choco and his beautiful loving mom! The three are adorable!!!

SS501 Kim HyungJun and Choco's Date!

Under the theme of All Star Pets! In SBS E!TV "E!News Korea Reporter Notebook", you are able to see star's adorable family members.

Among the wide variety of pets raised by the many idol stars is SS501 Kim HyungJun's cute toy poodle.

As famous as Kim Hyung Jun, is Kim HyungJun's pet Choco. "®E!Star Korea" went to the filming scene of Kim Hyung Jun and Choco taking a stroll.

In fact, Kim HyungJun's puppy Choco was mistaken as a small toy poodle, but it grew rapidly, and is a famous puppy among the netizens,

Kim HyungJun whom we met at the filming scene where he took Choco for a walk, said defending Choco, "Though it is true that she has grown a lot since we first got her, this should be the normal size for a poodle to grow into and she grew into a standard poodle." After the date with Choco, he also parting kiss with her.

Kim HyungJun's mother, Kim Hyung Jun and Choco's enjoyable stroll episode will be broadcasted on 01-Oct. Friday, through SBS E!TV "®E!Star Korea".

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Video Uploader: mangosorbet@YouTube

Credit: Pretty Boy


^han joon^ said... cute!!!
like him so much..^^

Anonymous said...

beautiful choco! I love that dog, an the owner too of course
des anyone know baby motehr's name ??

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