SS501 Kim Hyung Jun, Made the Opening for Song SeungHun 2010 Fan Meeting

SS501 Kim HyungJun made the brilliant opening stage for Song SeungHun's 2010 Fan Meeting 'SH & Asto JAPAN'.

Kim HyungJun attended 'SH & Asto JAPAN' held on 20-Sep at Yokohama Arena Dom, as a special guest, catching the eyes of 10,000 Asia fans. This fanmeeting is done as a commemoration of the 1st year anniversary of Song SeungHun's Japan official fanclub, Kim HyungJun performed 2 songs, 'Girls' and 'I Am', in front of 10,000 Japanese fans, displaying his powerful singing ability and brilliant performance at the same time.

Kim HyungJun, who practiced whenever he has time for past 2 weeks for this performance, said 'I prepared diligently for this performance, not as part of SS501but as Kim HyungJun. I feel great as the performance was up to my expectation.'

In the future, Kim HyungJun will have activities in diverse areas such as singing, drama, CF, etc, through which he will display his remarkable skills on a global stage.

Credits : SportsToday + + (English Translation) xiaochu @

Credits: Pretty Boy + SS501 Baidu

Video Uploader: mangos0rbet@YouTube

Whoa! Is it just me or have Maknae's biceps gotten bigger? The boy, erm, the man is looking fine!


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