Notice on Kim Hyung Jun's Japan Fansite (Kim Hyung Jun’s Secret Package – CD, DVD, Photobook will be released)
Hello. This is KIMHYUNGJUN JAPAN OFFICIAL FANCLUB’s administrator.

Kim Hyung Jun Japan Official Fansite Collectibles!
Secret Package will be released!

CD: 2 songs DVD: Live Performance + The Making of video clips (approx 90 mins), photobook (28 pics)
Please take note that the above-mentioned contents may change without prior notice.

This luxurious collection will be available for purchase by every official fanclub member at an attractive price of ¥1,050 (including taxes)

Sales Period: 28 September 2010 18:00 ~ 28 October 2010 18:00

Click on the banner in the main page to purchase.

Banner for the Secret Package as follows. (Please note that if you are a non-member you have to pay ¥3990 including taxes)
Credits: + Eng trans: OnlyJun (

Members of Baby's Japan site are lucky to be given the chance to buy this collectible. I still have so many on my list that I haven't bought yet! I'm looking for SS501 1st Story DVD with English subs but I can't find it anywhere! And I'm still waiting for the Persona Encore Korean Version with subs! And I also want the Saitama Concert DVD! Aaah, if only I'm rich, I'd buy them all!


grayceheart said...

Same goes with me. SS501 1st Story is still on my wish list :(

Anonymous said...

me too... waiting for e persona encore concert with eng sub n their saitama concert. if out i will deft buy it... recently just bought their 1st asia tour persona concert making dvd, receive it yesterday ;)

cLaire said...

i just wanna ask,,, where could i buy saitama concert dvd?
me too im finding their "SS501 1st Story DVD with English subs"

Anonymous said...

Those that you want to buy~
(SS501 1st Story DVD with English subs)<--still searching
(Persona Encore Korean Version with subs)
(Saitama Concert DVD with eng sub if any)
are at the top of my list~~
And I still ahve a lot more on my list...
I MUST save up more money TT

cLaire said...

guys!!! those who want to order a FIRST STORY OF SS501,, i have a contact now :)
its a pre - order,,, if u want a copy pm me so i can send u the site of my contact
the selling price last time is 1700 with shipping fee but last night she told me that her supplier has some changes,, and me too im still waiting how much she'll be selling it to now :D
hope it still on lower price,, so we can buy other stuffs :)

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