The newly concepted 3D concert service that will appear before your eyes vividly 'LIVE in 3D 1ST CONCERT' -- 'Wheesung-IT'S REAL' held its VIP Premiere at 7PM on September 15 at Seoul, Dongdaemun, Lotte Cinema, Chungryangri corner. CLICK HERE FOR MORE PICS.

During this day's VIP Premiere also featured stars Baek Jiyoung, Park Kyungrim, Kim Kyujong (SS501).

Credits: SS601 + as tagged on pics

Here's a short video of Kyu at the Premiere... see another vid here.

Video Uploader: eednaka@YouTube

Finally! We hear something about Kyu! I gotta say, he looks really good here! I wish he would appear in public more often. I hope he knows how much Triple S are missing him. And I hope he signs up in a new agency soon!!!


Anonymous said...

OOOOOOOOH! my bias, kyu! :D i love you!!

he looks so gorgeous :D he's so handsome!

i hope he'll sign a contract, him and young saengie -____-

Anonymous said...

OMO! i've watch the vid and the DSP manager is walking and talking together with him.

i have a big feeling that they (saeng and jong) will renew their contract with DSP. just a feeling though :)

if that would happen, then it would be better since it would be easier for them to sched their activities together with minnie, jung, and jun :D

Anonymous said...

i love ss501 can some body put the translation in english of ss501 in san francisco,please...thanks

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