I was about to go to sleep when I saw Kyu Jongie left a message at DSP website! He must have felt that we miss him so much! He told us not to worry because they are doing well and reminded us that we are growing old together! So sweet! Come back soon Kyu! Aaah, I miss this guy so much!

Eeyah...It’s been a long time.. Really long time..^^
2010-09-03 2:20:51am

Woah leaving a message..
Actually, my notebook.. hmm hmm.. I went on vacation to LA with YoungSaeng.. T
Without any reasons, my my notebook.. Hard disk spoilt.. that’s why!! I I took out the old one I had used before and try to use
It works!! Woah.. It’s a little slow but ^^ well, it’s good~~
Well!! Pretties... hmm hmm
Did you put up with the typhoon well?...?? T Because the wind was blowing so strong last night, I didn’t get a wink of sleep... T
I was worrying over the windows and doors.. heuk heuk...
Thanks to that, I was able to sleep the whole day today...^^
Is everyone doing good..?!!
Hee hee All of us are doing well !!!
I know that everyone is worrying about us..^^ But it’s really fine that you don’t have to worry!!
We have always been good hee hee ^^ Don’t you remember?! Our groundless confidence (*a phrase they used when they had their debut stage, shown in m!pick) hee hee!!
We will always bravely and confidently go on!!
Because we are getting older, hyungs grew more moustaches.. hee hee nevertheless, please continue to like us hee hee
Maybe my mind is still a high school student!! Hee hee But.. I’m already mid-twenties!
It seems like yesterday that we wore uniform and practiced singing together...^^
Anyways!! School reopened recently right?!! Because holiday ended~~ Everyone let’s aja aja Fighting!!!
Always aja aja (work hard) while smiling!!! ^^
Everyone knows that even if each of us live enjoyably, there are busy times right?!!
All of us are connected with affinity like this..!! Always live your life enjoyably and happy ^^
Remember that we said to grow old together?! I will add one more! Grow old while smiling together
Us, together^^ Hehe Annyoung Annyoung~

I know that the night must end..
And that the sun will rise..
And that the sun will rise ..
I know that the clouds must clear..
And that the sun will shine..
And that the sun will shine ..¢½^^

During my trip to America.. I watched the Lion King musical.. this part touched my heart..^^
We smile together. Everyone together..^^

Credits : SS501.dspenter.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com


rhaine tsuki said...

AHHHH! Kyu! :) he's such a sweetie! hehe thinking silly about the mustaches :) i send kyu *HUGS* lots of hugs :) he deserves them :) they all do!! ahhh i am soo happy to hear from him :D

^han joon^ said...

he is in a vacation..
it's good..
i guess you need rest..hehe..
hope you and young saeng do well..
love from your TripleS ♥♥♥

jjovenq said...

Oh I'm SOOOO HAPPY to hear from him!! Very glad & relieved to know all is well with our 2 boys Kyu and Saengie. Can't help but worry bout them since the other 3 are already busy with their own activities. Hope you keep us posted with whatever plans they may have in the future. I like Kyu's attitude in life, very positive. And YES! We will all grow old together SMILING! Aja aja FIGHTING!


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