September 3, 2010

Naughty Kiss 2nd Episode

Kim Hyun Joong and Jung Somin's expression acting was the highlight of it all.

On 2nd September at 9.55pm, MBC Playful Kiss which aired its 2nd episode managed to deliver its feeling into the hearts of audiences with their facial expressions.

Because the original was a manga, overly exaggerated action scenes have to be added on to give some 'flavor'. However if you are to understand it as a work that will stick as sincerely as possible to the original version, only then you would find its fun having been doubled.

Kim Hyun Joong's role in the drama as Baek Seung Jo is arrogant and tough and is also man of fewer words, as he consistently poprtrayed it as.

While on the other hand, Oh Hani is bright and cheerful, talkative, and is mostly overly exaggerated yet the best. Her facial expressions delivered seem to be able to aptly portray joy, anger, sorrow, pleasure, which will instantly make you confused if you are reading from a manga.

Because its original was a manga, fantasy and parodies appeared here and there in drama.

After the broadcast, netizens left comments on the board like, "Until now I still can't find myself melting for this drama nor if the actors have seriously dwelved into the drama or not", expressing their sadness. While some others, "Because the original was a manga, it seems like the acting of the casts have managed to stick sincerely to the original. Though there are some pitiable parts if you compare to Taiwan and Japanese version, they have did well nonetheless", showing praises.

The one that attracted about attention is the role of Annyong Bada. Interchanging between scene A and scene B, Annyong Bada's performed music managed to interchange it appropriately. They are an indie band who has achieved recognition through 'Im Legend'.

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You can watch Naughty Kiss Episode 2 (without subs) here: Naughty Kiss Episode 2
You can watch Naughty Kiss Episode 2 (with eng subs) here: Naughty Kiss Episode 2

As for the ratings of the 2nd episode, they can be found HERE & HERE.


raye said...

do you have other site for downloading episode 2 of Mischievous Kiss? the torrent link is not working for me....thanks

Anonymous said...

i don't get how to read the ratings T.T please help?

Anonymous said...

I have find eng subs here

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