‘Mischievous Kiss’, 1st Episode 3.5% ‘Ah! Tough Road Ahead’

The 1st telecast of MBC new Wed-Thu drama ‘Mischievous Kiss’ on 1-Sep had the worst viewship ratings, a forewarning of its tough road ahead.

Based on the results from viewership rating company AGB Nielsen Media Research, ‘Mischievous Kiss’ which was broadcasted on 1-Sep, had 3.5% rating nationwide. This is a disappointing result as compared to the anticipation gained as ‘The 2nd BOF’.

This drama originated from a popular comic, with Kim HyunJoong from SS501 as Baek SeungJo, rookie actress Jung SoMin as Oh HaNi, a student who has a crush on him, it is a lively and cute drama, however it was not able to catch the attention of viewers.

Meanwhile at the same timeslot, KBS 2TV ‘Bread, Love and Dreams’ recorded 44.0% viewership while SBS ‘My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox’ recorded 11.9%.

Credits : happy@osen.co.kr + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

Kim Hyun Joong acting amidst talks again

Kim Hyun Joong who stars across in MBC Playful Kiss drama is once again surrounded in acting criticism.

Some netizens felt that Kim Hyun Joong managed to perfectly portray his role as Baek Seung Jo, while some others thought that Kim Hyun Joong made no changes in his acting and felt kinda sad.

On the 1st September at 9.55pm, MBC Playful Kiss was aired. Kim Hyun Joong was playing across as his arrogant and tough character Baek Seung Jo. On this day's episode, Kim Hyun Joong's acting consisted mainy of facial and eye expressions. Because of that, some netizens felt that Kim Hyun Joong seemed to not have made any differences with his Yoon Jihoo character like in Boys over flowers.

In the drama, Baek Seung Jo is a genius of IQ 200 and above and is a genius at all kinds, yet one who lives only for himself and does not care about others around him. For this kind of character, in order to bring out the solidity in him, Kim Hyun Joong chose to show it through his facial and eye expressions more than words.

After the broadcast, audiences left comments on the noticeboard giving ratings for the drama, whilst also, there were both negative and positive feedbacks left regarding Kim Hyun Joong's acting.

A netizen said, "In terms of his manner of talking and expressions, it was totally Baek Seung Jo", showing her anticipation. Whilst another netizen, "Baek Seung Jo is totally~ ill bred/rude. I don't see Jihoo sunbae in anywhere at all. Very~~~handsome~~~" etc.

Negative comments were seen several places too.

A netizen, "I'm totally disappointed in Kim Hyun Joong's acting. He seemed to have been reading his lines just like reading a language book. Because my anticipation was very high, it turned out to be a hugely disappointed Episode 1 for me. I hope for an actor who will develop better in future".

Another netizen, "It's supposed to be a refreshing and bright drama, but why is it so boring all the while? Why didn't the male lead have any lines?", revealing her own thoughts.

In today's episode, it was an episode mainly focusing on introducing each's character. Baek Seung Jo shows his tough and arrogant character while Oh Ha Ni shows her feelings for the person she fancies though she's forever the last in school.

Credits: http://www.asiae.co.kr/news/view.htm?idxno=2010090122081584813 + ode@blog

Aaah, no matter what, there will always be critics! I know some of you are hurt with the negative feedback and low episode 1 ratings, but don't despair! I'm sure Leader doesn't mind these critics and he is doing his best and will continue to improve! Like he said, he'll work hard, and critics are all part of that! Negative criticisms can all be constructive criticisms, designed to improve the artist even more! Fighting Leader!!!


Oh said...

I still believe that Leader will rise and become better. He arrived in acting when he was already recognized as a very goodlooking endorser, he knows already his way in modelling and is almost perfect in it, he looks good whatever he does. He was also already very popular as a funny comedian in sitcoms or naturally funny as him in his interviews and shows. Oh please other fans of SS501 members, please don't hate me, in their concerts his individual performances stood out from the rest because he was a total performer. He is the sexiest dancer, his voice is good although less stronger than his groupmates, he is a like a prince performing on stage. His got this charm that outperforms other bands and solo performers too. New fans would notice him right away. So he is almost perfect in those activities. Thus when he would ventured into something new everyone's expectations would be naturally high. If he had started early when he was still an unknown nobody would have noticed.
I know leader will be brave to face these challenges that is why he accepted this role and he will do his best. When KeyEast got him I am sure they wanted to help him in this aspect. He was humble enough from the beginning on what he needs to work on. His life experiences made him strong and he was protected in earlier in his life because he is destined for bigger things. *_*

kym^loves`ss501 said...

hmmmm.... i think mbc made a tactical error when it pitted naughty kiss against kbs bread love and dreams. i love kim hyun joong and im a triple s but bread, love and dreams is absolutely amazing, its not a typical korean drama, it blew my mind, it even made a fan out of my brother who absolutely dilikes asian dramas but he was addicted to it after watching just a few minutes. im saying this with an idea in mind that this is a triple s site, but as a triple s, in all honesty, i dont think naughty kiss will be able to do as well as mbc hopes. my girlfriend is a nine-tailed gumiho is also pretty good. i think naughty kiss will have a tough time ahead because its going against two great dramas which already has a strong following. i mean, gosh, bread love, and dreams has almost 50% viewership. please dont hate on me, im just saying my opinion, and this is really just my opinion.

j said...

i wasn't able to watch it T____T

may i ask where could i watch naughty kiss online or on what channel. and and...is it subbed in english already???? (well even if it isn't, just seeing leader act again is, oh so dreamy. :D

thank youuuu :)

after reading the post, it just shows how big of an impact yoon ji hoo has created and it will be tough for leader to get out of yoon ji hoo's shadow. BUT, since it IS leader we are talking about, i sure he will be able to handle it just fine ^_^

please please please, where could i get it online??? X] thank you! and thank you so much for the updates on SS501! it is updated very fast that it's amazing :D *claps*

Anonymous said...

If we believe good things will happen it will really happen c:

phtriples said...

you can watch unsubbed episode 1 here: http://www.56.com/u80/v_NTQ2MTQxODk.html

for episode 1 with english subs check them out here: http://www.mysoju.com/mischievous-kiss/episode-1/part-1/

j said...

yeheeeeeeey!!!! thank youuuuuuuuuuuuu!!! :D

j said...

ohhhh, was finally able to watch ep 1!!! :D

leader is such a good actor (and comedian) :))))

I don't think it's fair to say that leader is still acting like ji hoo because, I think he was a completely different guy here (except for exceptions like being hot and looked up by others) :D BUT i do find some of the other characters a lot similar with the other characters from BOF and unlike in BOF (where there where four different guys therefore having more fans) leader has to carry most of the load for views...fighting! go leader! X]

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