SS501 Park Jung Min "To release first solo album locally, release single in Japan next year"

On 16-Sep, SS501 Park Jung Min left Korea for his activities in Japan, his contracts and schedules of his local activities as well as activities in Japan were officially announced through his agency CNR Media.

According to the details announced at the official press conference on 17-Sep for the Japanese media, they signed a contract with Yamaha Music Entertainment which is under Yamaha Group. They announced the specific plans included in the contract, i.e opening of Park Jung Min official Japan website, release of photobook & DVD, Japan fanmeeting in December, release of first solo single in Japan in 2011, etc.

In addition, before the start of his activities in Japan, he will be having activities in Korea first. They also announced that he is currently in the midst of preparing for the production of an album scheduled to release in November, and will have a fanmeeting in Korea.

Park Jung Min signed a contract with CNR Media in August and has announced the start of extensive activities in Asia which gained a lot of attention. This time too, he signed a contract with a big corporation in Japan, thus gaining full support from them.

They also announced that Park JungMin will be having activities in the Greater China regions soon.

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Park Jungmin signs on with Japan Yamaha..Discography releases November

Group SS501's Park Jungmin has signed on with Japan Yamaha group as he officially begins his Japan activities.

Last 16th, Park Jungmin who left for Japan in discussion for his activities in Japan has now officially revealed his schedules and work plans in Korea & in Japan through his agency CNR Media who is currently undertaking his career in Korea and Japan.

On the 17th during the official press conference that he held with all Japanese media, if according to the revealed contents, Park Jungmin has already signed on with Yamaha Group's Yamaha Music Entertainment and will also open his official Japanese website, release pictorials and DVD, and will also hold a Japanese fanmeeting in December; in addition in 2011, he will also be releasing his first Japanese solo single &/or album.

Also before his Japan activities will begin, he will also be carrying out Korea activities prior to that - in November, he will be scheduled to release a discography (album) and is currently preparing for it, and will also hold a fanmeeting then.

On the other hand, Park Jungmin had signed on a full time contract with CNR Media to develop his asia activities full fledge.

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Wow, Jung Min is working so hard! And there's a lot that we can expect from him! This is so exciting! The only catch is that we are in danger of spending a lot more, now that each member has their solo activities! And this is just the beginning. When Kyu and YS resumes work, we'll have even more trouble keeping up! But you guys don't mind, right? As long as we see the members all active and healthy, that's all that matters, right?


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