Our Sexy Charisma is off to Japan today! Here are some pics of him at Gimpo Airport leaving for Japan. He looks good! I bet that eyeglasses is for fashion only, like what he wore in IdolWorld. I don't think Jung Min has eye problems. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think he's the only one among the members who hasn't had LASIK surgery right? Anyway, good luck in your Japan activities, Jung Minnie!

Credit: Attraction + Naver + as tagged

And here's a video of Jung Min's arrival at Haneda Airport in Japan. He really is such a sweetheart, getting out of his way to greet fans like that. He could have just went inside the limousine directly, but instead he walked all the way to greet the whole throng of fans before riding the limo. Just that few minutes of fan service will be etched in the memories of all those fans that came. Really, thank you Jung Minnie!

Video Uploader: kydream2@YouTube


denneroxx said...

huhuhu agreed 501% wiv u.. bet the eyeglass only for fashion.
but isnt he also got eye problem? bcoz i remembered in M!Pick he got mentioned bout his eye problem thus, he has to bring speck in his bag..

jtzm said...

yeah he hasn't got lasik, think he's wearing contacts and these fashionable specs.lovely!

Anonymous said...

he hasnt got lasik but it doesnt mean that he doesnt have eye problem. all the boys have eye problems :D

but i still love them! :D

Anonymous said...

I pretty sure it was mentioned somewhere that all of them had eye problems. XD
I think jung min looks the best in glasses though <3 ;w;

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